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Cauliflower ear is a medical problem in which the ear cartilage will get impacted. It is said that many creatures are susceptible to this problem. Actually humans develop this problem, especially, those who engage in boxing, athletics, and so on. When compared with felines, dogs are more prone to this problem. Among dogs too, those with long ear are more susceptible to cauliflower hearing. This short article deals with issues related to cauliflower hearing within canines.


What is Cauliflower Ear

From the name of this situation, it can be understood that this condition impacts the hearing. Actually, it’s a condition that affects the actual pinna or the outer ear. However, cauliflower hearing may be the latter stage from the condition called aural hematoma. In other words, aural hematoma, in the event that not treated, leads to cauliflower ear. Therefore, you need to know very well what is aural hematoma, which is one of the common dog ear problems.


dog ear hematoma untreated

The actual external hearing or pinna consists of cartilage material, that is engrossed in connective tissues and pores and skin. In the event of stress or other reason, the blood vessels within the outer hearing ruptures and blood gathers between the cartilage material and the tissues. This problem is known as aural hematoma, which deprives the cartilage of nutrients, which is given by the actual arteries. While, the term ‘aural’ describes a condition of the hearing, ‘hematoma’ describes the swelling that’s full of bloodstream. Common Dog Disease Problems:

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