Perkins Law Office, LLC.


Selecting the right family law attorney is important.  Word gets around as to which attorneys work hard for their clients and which ones don't.  Without a doubt, Shelly has a stellar reputation of working hard to achieve her client's goals wherever possible.  She has several years of experience working with families to try to solve problems, and come up with solutions tailored to her client's specific situation. 

SETTLING WHERE NECESSARY AND FIGHTING AT THE RIGHT TIME.  Shelly specifically takes great efforts to settle all cases amicably when possible.  When a family is at stake, anytime a settlement can be had, the road to healing begins and the future looks brighter, especially when children are involved.  Unfortunately, not all parties in a divorce or custody battle are reasonable.  Sometimes one side decides the other parent should have little or no parenting time, or they want all the family assets for themselves.  When settling is not possible, you want an advocate who will step in and battle hard to preserve your rights and protect your family, and Shelly will do just that.  Under her watch, no one will take advantage of you!





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